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Charities supported by Colne Valley Riding Club

CVRC raises money for two charities over the year. For 2021 we are continuing to support the Essex Air Ambulance and Essex Horse and Pony Protection Society. Every year at the annual general meeting we vote on which charities we would like to support for the following year. If any members would like a charity to be considered please let a member of the committee know so it may be considered.

Please see below a little information on our charities for this year, how to contact them and their thank you letters for previous donations.



Essex Horse and Pony Protection Society (“EHPPS”) was founded in 1983 and has been on its 55 acre site at Pitsea Hall Lane since 1986. EHPPS attained registered charity status in 1987. The Charity was established for the promotion of animal welfare and, in particular, to take all appropriate measures to protect equines from cruelty and to prevent the infliction of suffering and, where necessary, to take equines into care for rehabilitation. We hope to help develop knowledge of the needs of horses, as well as other animals and birds, and mankind’s responsibilities towards all living creatures.

We are not a retirement home. Where possible, suitable foster homes are found for our animals when they are completely well – whether they go out to homes as rideable horses or as a companion to the fosterer’s horse. (Horses are gregarious animals and need the company of others.)

We currently have hundreds of rehabilitated horses and ponies in foster homes all over the country, regularly checked by our Fostering Monitors to ensure that they are being lovingly cared for. All fostered animals remain the sole responsibility of the Society; so if for instance, there is a change in circumstance of the fosterer (e.g. loss of job, ill health) the animal can be returned to us.

Our Field Officers investigate welfare concerns that are brought to our attention almost daily and will go out to help any horse or pony in need of our assistance within the County.

Essex horse and pony protection society letter of thanks

Essex & Herts Air Ambulance

Essex & Herts Air Ambulance is not part of the NHS and receives limited Government funding.

We are a charity and rely on the money you donate. Your support provides a free life-saving Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) for the critically ill and injured of Essex, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas.

Our pre-hospital care doctors and critical care paramedics provide advanced medical care on-site that is normally only found in the Emergency Department. Once stabilised, patients are rushed to the most appropriate hospital for their needs. This early intervention makes a dramatic difference to each patient’s survival.

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EHAA Letter Of Thanks